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Fax Marketing Reaching a New Niche of Customers
Chris Bradley

Traditional marketing and advertising assumes that all of your customers are traditional people. Even newer technologies like email assume that the best way to reach people is when they are at their computers. But think about it there are plenty of people who move around and work on the go. Checking email may be a lower priority, and may be a task they only tend to once a day, once a week, or whenever they get around to it. When your target customers aren't checking their email, your email advertisements aren't being seen. Fax marketing can help reach this niche of customers by matching their fast-moving, real-time work style.
Fax Marketing Can Uncover Hidden Sales
Your fax marketing will tap into t...
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California foreclosure starts rise this year
California home foreclosure starts increased from January through March after plunging to an eight-year low in the previous quarter, a research firm said Tuesday. There were 19,215 default notices filed ... Read More ...

D-FW home foreclosure filings drop by more than 40 percent for May
While year-over-year declines continue, the number of foreclosures may be leveling out month to month. Read More ...

Family’s foreclosure fight could bring changes in law
In the City of Buffalo, you can lose your home – as the Rabatoys did – over garbage user fees, which in most cases, are only a few hundred dollars. Read More ...

Foreclosure starts fall again in February—good for homebuilders
Foreclosure starts are closely watched by investors, realtors, and homebuilders alike because they forecast future housing supply. Foreclosure timelines can vary widely by state. Read More ...

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Fewer San Diego homes entered the foreclosure process in the first quarter of the year. That's down 5.4 percent from a year ago. During that first quarter, 1,392 property owners got notices of default, a decrease from almost 1,471 in the first quarter a year ago. Read More ...

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